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Educational Objectives for Communication Studies Majors

The Department of Communication Studies has designed an undergraduate curriculum that seeks to help students achieve the following learning outcomes, which are explained in additional detail in the Department Handbook:

  • Writing Competency: Students will demonstrate effective writing in a research paper assignment which will be evaluated in the areas of: paragraph structure and organization.
  • Speaking Competency: Students will demonstrate effective speaking in a public speaking assignment and will be evaluated in two areas: thesis and source citations.
  • Information Literacy: Students will demonstrate information literacy through a speech and research paper assignment (info literacy is the array of knowledge and skills necessary to identify the information needed for a task and to locate, understand, evaluate, and use that information efficiently and effectively within appropriate ethical and legal limits). The specific areas include: Identifying Source Characteristics (speaking & writing), Source Formatting (in-text and reference page), and Documenting Information from Sources (speaking & writing).